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Crescent Specialty Foods i.e. Crescent Wholesale is a top wholesale distributor of halal meats, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Mediterranean foods headquartered in Everett, Washington just north of Seattle. Crescent Specialty Foods specializes in providing both retail and wholesale fine halal meats including halal beef, halal chicken, and halal turkey.

Crescent Specialty foods is the top wholesale distributor of fine Middle Eastern food, Mediterranean foods, and halal meats in the Pacific Northwest region and you can place your order online.

As a premium halal foods distributor and Mediterranean foods wholesaler, Crescent Wholesale specializes in distributing top brands of Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Mediterranean foods including Sera Food, Ahmad Tea, Puck, Kiri Cheese, Al Safa Halal, Maggi, Ülker, Vimto, and Amira Rice.

Crescent Specialty Foods is also a wholesale distributor of halal certified meat products as well as the highest quality traditional middle eastern and Mediterranean foods.

Our Middle Eastern food and Mediterranean food offerings include almost 400 products with our own label which feature many Middle Eastern snacks and frozen goods. Crescent Specialty Foods also caters fine Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dairy products, beverages, canned goods, rice, wheat, pasta, various sauces, spices, and herbs. We’re also a great source for Mediterranean cooking oil, coffee, tea and instant foods.At Crescent Specialty Foods, our customers rave about our fine Middle Eastern food products and the convenience of being able to buy the best halal meats and Mediterranean foods online.

Our offerings of halal food, Middle Eastern food, and Mediterranean foods now number over 1000 food products and we distribute these foods throughout the Seattle area and the entire states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Get your hard-to-find halal and Middle Eastern cuisine right here!

As a leading wholesale distributor of traditional halal and Middle Eastern foods, we try to offer the finest Traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, and now you can order your favorite foods online!

Check out all of our fine halal meats and Middle Eastern cuisine. These plus our Turkish and Mediterranean foods are all available for both retail and wholesale purchases right here on this website.

Since 1997, we have specialized in providing the very best Middle Eastern food, Mediterranean food, and halal meats including halal beef, halal chicken, and halal turkey. You can rely on Crescent Specialty Foods to be your reliable distributor of wholesale Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods.

Also expanding our service areas, we now distribute to all of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho every Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

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